Dad’s Tomato and Egg Stir Fry

Juicy, sweetened tomatoes blend seamlessly with fluffy scrambled eggs to create a colorful and flavorful dish. This healthy and satisfying stir fry brings out the tang of fresh tomatoes with just a dash of sugar.

Working a full day and cooking for yourself is hard work, but working a full day and cooking for an entire family is superhero level work. Tomato and egg stir fry will always hold a place in my heart as my dad’s superhero recipe. It’s a traditional Chinese dish that he would pull together quickly after a long day at the office, and I would gobble it down with big spoonfuls of fluffy white rice. I would love to pick out the tasty bits of eggs, and you’ll see this penchant reflected in the generous helping of eggs in my recipe.

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Strawberries and Cream Dutch Baby

Homemade vanilla whipped cream mixed with fresh strawberry slices top off a light, crisp pancake. This breakfast delight is infused with a subtle sweetness and is perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch or to start off a sunny spring morning.

There are two ways to make a Dutch baby – one involves finding a consenting adult from the Netherlands. The other just needs flour, sugar, butter, and a cast iron skillet.

Dutch babies, or German pancakes, are something of a kitchen miracle. You throw together some everyday pancake ingredients, stick the very unassuming mixture in the oven and then poof! By some kitchen miracle, the batter puffs up into a gorgeous, impressive pancake with high rising, crispy edges. Unlike regular pancakes, Dutch babies do not need any supervision. While the oven magic is happening, you can read a book, do some Pilates, clean your apartment…. or whip up some fresh cream and strawberries to top of your creation!

This recipe is so simple to make and tastes like a fresh spring morning – each bite will make you think of grassy green fields dotted with daises, clear blue skies arching overhead, and cow bells gently ringing in the distance. Yup, that good.

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Best Cookie Recipes

Cookies are the most welcoming of desserts. They are simple to make, forgiving of mistakes, and delicious even when they are one week old. And who doesn’t love a cookie? They come in so many shapes and sizes that for every person on this planet, there is a cookie out there for them. Everyone has a cookie soulmate – and if you’re like me, you have infinite cookie soulmates.

Today I wanted to share my favorite cookie recipes. These cookies are simple, familiar, nostalgic, decadent, delicious bites of butter, sugar, and flour.

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A Guide to 72 Hours of Food in Portland, OR

I’ve eaten my way through 60 hours in Dallas, followed by 48 hours in Austin, and today I’m excited to bring you 72 hours of food in Portland. I promise you, those extra hours can make a real difference in terms of all the delicious foods to try, and Portland is a dream land for coffee-lovers and foodies of all sorts. There’s an artisan version of nearly everything, from doughnuts to ice cream, and experiences range from the homey food cart to the fancy $$$$ set menu restaurant. No matter what type and cuisine of food you love, Portland almost certainly will impress.

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Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal

Peanut butter + chocolate is a timeless combination. It reminds me of a childhood of eating Reese’s peanut butter cups and undergrad days spooning Nutella and peanut butter straight out of the jar. And while I do somewhat regret those jars of Nutella and peanut butter (freshman year was about learning to make healthy life choices), there’s nothing to regret about these healthy peanut butter chocolate oats. The balance of healthy carbs and fats will fuel you throughout the day and also reduce cravings for less healthy carbs and fats.

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My Baking Fails

In my heart of hearts…. I am a perfectionist. “I don’t really care how I do,” I say as I study furiously until 2am, “it doesn’t matter if things are a little off,” I laugh as I individually glue rhinestones onto sorority bids. And though baking is my relaxing, experimental hobby, this streak of perfection refuses to die. The little perfectionist inside of me simply must have perfectly domed, fluffy muffins and bakery-round cookies. And it has to be done on the First Try.

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A Guide to a Day in San Francisco’s Sunset District

“If you live in Sunset, say goodbye to your social life” – random SF new grad

Sunset is the district that lies beyond trendy Haight-Ashbury, just far enough west that if you throw a house party in Sunset, your friends who live in Mission and Soma probably will RSVP yes then flake day of. But Sunset is a gem of a neighborhood, home to Golden Gate Park, some of the best Chinese food in the city, and beautiful ocean views. And a big bonus – it’s streets are much cleaner and tidier than say, those around SF Civic Center.

So if you’re an SF tourist or a long-time native, it’s worth a trip to see what Sunset has to offer. Sunset is a little colder and chillier than the rest of SF (micro-climates!), so be sure to pack layers as you’ll likely experience all four seasons in just one day 🙂

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