Honey balsamic roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables, hot out of the oven, baked in a honey balsamic glaze with just a hint of pepper. This makes the perfect easy side for a Thanksgiving potluck!

Last week I hosted a wonderful Friendsgiving, where I was proud to discover that all my college friends were now fully fledged adults with cooking skills. I had been planning to bring a gorgeous praline pumpkin pie. It was all mapped out in my mind – I’d leave work early, run to the grocery store, make the pie, and let it cool before my guests walked in the door. Cue 5:30pm on Friday, and I’m frantically typing away on my laptop, knowing the pie was supposed to be in the oven an hour ago. Yikes!

These honey balsamic roasted vegetables were my backup plan. They’re quick, easy, and a wonderful complement to many traditional Thanksgiving dishes. I also love that they only require a cooking sheet and quietly roast in the oven for 30 minutes so I can take care of cleaning my house while they cook. Life is hard – sometimes you just need an easy recipe! Continue reading “Honey balsamic roasted vegetables”

Classic banana bread muffins

You have a pile of rapidly ripening bananas and a fruit fly infestation waiting to happen. What to do? Make banana bread muffins of course! I’m a big fan of banana bread, but my absolute favorite part of the bread is that crunchy, fragrant top. And if you make banana bread muffins, you maximize the amount of crunchy top. It’s a fact.

Like many of the recipes I post, this classic banana bread muffin recipe comes straight from my dad. As soon as the bananas began to blacken, I knew that there would be banana bread in the oven. He’d always make it at night, and I would have a nice thick, piping hot slice straight from the oven before bed. Then I’d wake up and have a moist, crumbly slab for breakfast. All washed down with a glass of milk. Wow. I feel like I’m really romanticizing my teenage years here, but that is just how good this banana bread is.

I also love that this banana bread recipe requires no milk… because I never have milk at home but somehow have a steady supply of rotting bananas. It’s also light on the sugar so you can get more subtle flavor that’s no overpoweringly sweet. Win, win! Continue reading “Classic banana bread muffins”

“Nutritionally complete” chocolate muffins

Moist, rich, with melting pools of chocolate chips – chocolate muffins are a favorite treat. But what if they’re made with meal powder instead of flour?

After living in Silicon Valley for most of my adult life, I’ve gotten used to the quirks. One of thing I’ve never fully embraced is powdered meal drinks like Soylent and Huel. If you haven’t heard of these, they’re essentially nutritionally balanced drinks that you can live off of, and they’re quite popular with the fast-moving techies of the Bay. To be honest, I love cooking and properly eating my food too much to switch to the convenience of these drinks. There’s something quite unappealing about living off of bottled mix when there’s such a vibrant culture and community centered around food.

My roommates however, are Huel lovers, and they convinced me to try a Huel x baking hybrid. Maybe Huel on its own wouldn’t cut if or me, but what if I baked it into a decadent dessert? My experiment would run in 2 parts:

  1. Make an experimental chocolate banana Huel muffin and a control group of regular chocolate banana muffins
  2. Run a blind taste test with a group of 6 – 1 Huel lover, 1 Huel hater, and 4 Huel neutrals

I decided on chocolate banana muffins to stay in the spirit of a semi-healthy snack. Bananas add sweetness and nutrition without any refined sugars, and the chocolate flavor would come naturally from the chocolate Huel. If you want to know the results, scroll past the recipe 🙂 Continue reading ““Nutritionally complete” chocolate muffins”

October wrap-up

October was, all in all, a very peaceful month. The weather has started to cool and chill a bit, but most days are still glistening warm and sunny in San Francisco. I did many fall-themed activities – baking apple pies, pumpkin carving, and making pumpkin cider beer bread. And I did some less fall-themed things – traveling to Hawaii, for one. When I look back on October, I think of wonderful full weekends, brimming with friends and things that make me happy. I also think of long weeks at work, and to be honest, most of my Monday’s-Thursday’s seem like an absolute blur. Continue reading “October wrap-up”

Mini apple pies

Sweet, slightly tart apples are perfectly caramelized and encased in a soft, flaky crust. These mini apple pies have just the perfect crust to filling ratio!

When I was growing up, I actually hated apple pies. I detested the mushy filling and would pick off the crust with single minded determination. I would wipe off any of the apple goo before I deigned to take a single bite. Now that I’m older, I’m just pretty sure I had some bad apple pies in my childhood. I love the combination of warm, melty apples and flaky, buttery crust. Though I do still have a soft spot for crust – it’s my favorite. That’s honestly one of the reasons I love these mini apple pies. You get way more crust for each bite of filling, and the ratio is beyond compare. Heavenly. Amazing.

Continue reading “Mini apple pies”

I started an Insta! My experience so far

Long story short – I started an Instagram for this blog. If you have an Insta for your blog as well, I would love to follow each other! You can find me at https://www.instagram.com/halicopteraway/.

So I have been putting off getting an Insta for the longest time. Some of my reasons were practical – I didn’t want to post frequently and enjoyed the longer medium of WordPress. Other reasons were less tangible – I was worried that Insta would pressure me to take “Instaworthy” pictures and force me into the social media rat race. Continue reading “I started an Insta! My experience so far”

Chocolate milk pancakes

Fluffy, soft, with just a hint of cream and sweetness, these chocolate milk pancakes are easy to make and even easier to eat!

Sunday mornings are the perfect time for pancakes and a cup of tea. And one of the great things about pancakes is that they taste perfectly delicious made from a boxed mix. I’m usually a big advocate for making from scratch, but I’m also a big fan of saving time and sleeping a few extra minutes.

So this Sunday I rolled out of bed, grabbed my favorite pancake mix… and realized I was out of milk. Probably because I’m chronically out of milk since I travel so frequently. And then when I ran to the corner store, they only had chocolate milk. I wanted pancakes. I needed milk for pancakes. The chocolate milk would have to do. Continue reading “Chocolate milk pancakes”